North Yorkshire Artist


abstract charcoal sketch

Making marks that turn into places and path ways

Sometimes it is a meditation and therapy 'just' to make marks. I say 'just' and chuckle to myself; It only happens to be one of the prime magical acts undertaken by early man. In fact, now i come to think about it, 'mark making' is a most powerful and important affair.

Vince in repose

My old man Vince.

A great subject to capture. A real Leo, basking in the sun or napping after a meal.

life drawing nude

Life studies

Life drawing class. The human body is a wonderful thing to study. As minutes of observation turn into hours, the body becomes divorced from all association and turns into a spatial puzzle. A landscape of light and shade; Hills and valleys.

Dom Reading

My 'old mucker' Dom reading, while we were hiding out in the Yorkshire Dales. Good days, busy doing nothing. Just the way we liked it. Speculating, philosophising, playing games and traversing elaborate, imaginery landscapes.