North Yorkshire Artist


acrylic on canvas

Landscape sketches

Quick sweeps or more meandering marks. An automatic writing. Set off without looking back. A frantic burst of activity; Plenty of time to take stock later, with a drink in hand.

Appraise the partial journey with nearly closed eyes; Begone detail! Where do the landmasses lie?

Awaiting suggestion. Turn upside down and carry on.

abstract acrylic on board

Watching intently without eyes

Neither the time nor inclination to spell it out. I do need to keep fighting the impulse though. My time feels better spent assessing, weighing up and gazing. Fill the space quickly, then close one eye, masking off parts, lines, areas and angles with the outstretched hand. Discover what can be cut and what can be built upon.

fountains abbey abstract

The Moon Pond

The Temple of Piety faces out across the Moon Pond, presided over by Neptune.

Lone trees on the moor tops

Lone twisted hawthorns pepper the windy moor-top landscape. There is a magic about them.