North Yorkshire Artist


Taking the drypoint to life class

Printmaking can be immediate and explorative.

Scratching lines in metal might seem somewhat permanent and too much of a commitment, but there is always the blunt end, opposite the pointy bit. Get to work rubbing away those pesky ink carrying burrs and try again for that perfect scratched line; The one that the whole enterprise might pivot upon.


Applying ink with brush and finger. Too much labour and the moment has passed. Keep them flying through the press and every so often one will really catch your eye.

Silk-Screen Printing

Squeedging ink through a silk screen. one colour at a time takes a little more planning. Layers of consecutive colours are built up and the silk screen is progressively masked off to protect areas already sporting the desired shade.

Any sense of movement and immediacy must enter and be captured at the planning stage. The act of silk screen printing itself is more of a meditation. A process where one gains satisfaction from the layered reveal, much like mowing stripes on a lawn.